Relentless Success Stories

Daniel Koroscil
Director, Technical Support

Yasmine Ndassa
VP, Data Strategy & Analytics

Roger Wyatt
Director, Engineering

Jeffrey Zhang
Strategy Product Manager

Pasha Goudovitch
Product Leader

Subhomoy Ghosh
Data Scientist

Cyrus Severance
Senior Vice President

Abhilash Pandurangan
Data Engineer

Heider Tunarossa

Ryan Lacey
Marketing Communications Specialist

Yanis Romero
Incoming Sales Manager

Kris Sen
Recruiting Leader @ NexusHR

Alice Farell
Customer Success Manager

Max Weisbrod

Alex Prylucki
Fractional COO

Maryam Cooke
Customer Success Manager

Nick VanHyfte
Client Relationship Excellence

Neal R.
Machine Learning @ Tech Company

Yuvraj B.
Product @ Startup

Dipanwita Ray, PHD

Marshall Conrad
SMB Account Executive

Justin Hajjiri
Software Engineer

Yash Vashi

Sri V.
Head of Machine Learning

VP of Engineering

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