October 27, 2022


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We're getting jobseekers 100K+ compensation increases. Here's how.

Kareem Abukhadra

Author, Founder Relentless

Here's the 4 step process we're using to get jobseekers $100K+ compensation increases.

  1. Step 1: Identify the best role to target for your background
  2. Step 2: Get 10+ interviews a month
  3. Step 3: Pass your interviews
  4. Step 4: Get and close on an offer

Here's how to do step 1:

Identify a role that maximizes all of the following:

A. The role creates a lot of value for employers: In order for you to land a role that pays $XXXK+ you need to create 5X that number or more for your employer.

  • For example, if you intend to land a role that pays $200,000 a year in total compensation, aim to understand how the value of your work will generate 5X more ($1MN+). This doesn’t need to happen in year 1, but should happen at some point. For example, if you're an engineer hired to build a product, you will be paid in year 1, but your work won’t yield a return till after year 1. That’s OK, so long as the potential value of their work eventually exceeds their cost of employing you.

B. You’re good at that role: This means you are likely to be able to deliver the results needed to deliver on the value of that role.

  • This is because if your role creates a lot of value, but you don't have the skills to execute well, your employer won't be able to realize that value. For example, if you establish that the value that your role creates for your employer is $2MN+ over 2 years, you then need to establish that the probability that you deliver that value is high.

C. The responsibilities of someone in that role doesn’t vary a lot across different companies: Targeting a role which varies significantly makes your search harder, because you need to change your resume every time you apply to a job and pitch to every time you interview for a job.

  • A good example of a role which does not vary significantly is an Account Executive role in the technology industry. Most Account Executives in technology industry have the same responsibilities and criteria for success: Meet customers and convince them to buy a product.
  • A good example of a role which varies significantly is a business operations role in tech. Business operations people have different jobs at different companies.

D. A lot of people are hiring for the role: If the role is not in high demand, you get less interviews, which means you get less interview attempts, which means you are less likely to get a high quality and quantity of offers.

E. There are many more people hiring for the role than there are people qualified to do it: Low alternatives give you pricing power (aka the ability to ask for higher compensation).

F. Employers hiring for the role have a high budget allocated to the role: If you expect to create $X of value over the next year but the buyer can’t pay you, then they’re not the right fit. This is why targeting companies with $XMN+ raised or in revenue is important for many job searches (though not all).

Setting up your search correctly is critical to maximizing the success of every other step of a successful job search process.
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