November 1, 2022


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This resume generated 50 interviews in a single month. Here's why.

Kareem Abukhadra

Author, Founder Relentless

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          1. We targeted 1 role. Targeting 1 role is essential because this is the only way to write a hyper-relevant resume.

          2. We picked the right role for this candidate’s background. This was an “Account Executive” role.

                    Note: This is going to be different to the right role for your background.

                 If you're unsure how to identify your best role, read this which outlines how to identify what role you should target.

          3. We identified the 6 most common responsibilities that showed up in job posts for the role.

                 We did this by looking through a few job posts including these 3:

          4. We then identified the 3 to 6 most common themes by grouping together similar responsibilities that appeared in multiple posts.

                 For example, "Close deals to hit sales quota” was a common theme in every post:

          5. We then went through every experience on the candidate's resume and did one of the following:

                 OPTION A: We changed the pitch so that each bullet matched 1 of the themes we identified.

                 For example, here's a before and after of 1 bullet we converted to match our “Close deals to hit sales quota” theme.



           Notice that:

We reframed the responsibility to match the theme “Close deals to hit sales quota.

         b. We used metrics to indicate their success in the role.

           c. We changed their role title from “Financial Consultant” to “Account Executive.”


This is appropriate because the candidate had the same responsibilities as an “Account Executive” in their “Financial Consultant” role. Hiring managers looking for “Account Executives” won’t make this association, so making this change helps them identify the candidate as a good fit.

           OPTION B: We cut out the bullet (if we couldn't find a way to make it relevant).

   For example, the following experience was deleted because there isn’t any way to re-frame it so that it’s relevant:

          6. We wrote a brief summary of why the candidate is a good fit for the role at the top of the  resume.

                            This primes the reader to think of the rest of their experiences as relevant and impressive.


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