September 9, 2023


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The Proven Cold Email Pitch Template You Can Steal To Land More Job Interviews

Kareem Abukhadra

Author, Founder Relentless

Landing job interviews by cold emailing hiring managers is easy.

…you just need to know what to say, and how to say it.

First, you need to find the right emails to send pitches to.

Here’s How To Find The Right Emails

If the company has <50 people, look up the CEO or other C-suite executives on LinkedIn. The company is small enough that they’re likely involved in the hiring process.

If the company has >200 people, look up [role title] [manager OR director OR VP], and filter for [company name].

To find recruiters,search [keyword from role title] [Recruiter OR Recruiting OR Talent, then filter for [company name].

Note, you’ll need to use common sense as well. Mark Zuckerberg isn’t making software engineering hires at Meta, for example.

Pull a list of names into an Airtable doc or a Google Sheet.

To find their emails, there are a few routes you can take:

  • Dropcontact, Hunter, and Apollo are all freemium-model services where you can get people’s company emails (based on their LinkedIn profile).
  • Email permutators can give you all possible variations of an email (based on someone’s first name and the company’s domain name).
  • Once the permutations give you email variations, check which ones actually exist by hovering over the email in your email client.

Alternatively, you can use the People Chips function in Google Sheets. Here’s how it works:

  1. Use email permutators to guess email variations
  2. Enter the entire list into one column on a Google Sheet
  3. Right click on the column, hover on “Smart Chips”, and click “Convert to People Chip” (pictured below)

The email is the only one that gets converted to a contact, because that’s the only valid email.

Note: This only works with companies that use Google Workspace to operate their emails. Using this method to find emails from companies that use Outlook or other providers won’t work.

I recommend using one of the softwares above first, and using a permutator to find the emails the softwares couldn’t.

Here’s the pitch template

Here’s a proven one-sentence job pitch you can steal to land more interviews:

“I’m a(n) {position} with {X years of experience}, {performing major job function} {driving X result}.”

Here are three real-life examples that landed candidates jobs:

  1. I’m a Content Marketer with 5 years of experience writing content that has generated $300MN+ in revenue for tech startups.
  2. I’m a Google Alum and E-Commerce expert with 15+ years of experience driving 50MN+ in revenue for D2C companies.
  3. I'm a healthcare operator with 10+ years of experience building operational processes, tracking KPIs, and helping companies generate $200MN+.

This pitch aims to achieve two goals:

  1. Increase perceived value (with YOE and past workplaces)
  2. Demonstrate quantifiable results

Increased perceived value gives you more leverage during the job search and interview process. On the topic of increasing leverage, I always advocate for getting multiple offers for the same or very similar roles — before it comes time to negotiate salary.

Job interviews are like sales, and the person who needs the deal the least always benefits the most. Pitching yourself like this, as well as landing multiple offers puts you in a position to not need any one job, but rather just one of a few.

Additionally, after sending your pitch — make sure to follow up. People get busy. Things happen. They forget to respond.

It’s on you to reach back out. Persistence wears down resistance.

Even if you have the best pitch in the world — it can still get lost in their inbox.

Have you tried something like this?

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