November 4, 2022


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Lyft CEO, Instacart COO, and other execs reply to our candidates. Here's why

Kareem Abukhadra

Author, Founder Relentless

The CEO of Lyft, COO of Instacart, COO of Cisco, and execs at other multi-billion dollar companies reply to our candidates (screenshots attached).


Instacart COO (Asha Sharma)

Lyft CEO (Logan Green)

Cisco COO

Here's why this works:

  1. We highlight the candidate's most impressive achievement in their target role using metrics or pedigree.
  2. We write concisely.
  3. We follow up, sometimes multiple times. Here are some examples of email pitches we've sent and why they worked:

Example 1:

Pitch: I’m an Account Executive with 5 years of experience sourcing or directly closing $15MN+ in sales.

Role target: Account Executive

Criteria for success: Convincing customers to buy a product.

Why this worked: This candidate uses hard metrics to demonstrate their value.

Example 2:

Pitch: I’m an ex-Accenture Data Scientist with 5 years+ of experience building data science solutions to identify insights that saved companies $5MN+

Role target: Data Scientist

Criteria for success: Multiple. One is identifying insights that generate or save revenue.

Why this worked: Pitch mentions the role, years of experience, a prestigious company, and has a clear metric attached.

Example 3:

Pitch: I’m a Customer Success Associate with experience managing Fortune 500 accounts with an average lifetime value of $180K, and cutting monthly churn by 15%.

Role target: Customer Success

Criteria for success: Multiple. One of them is reducing customer churn.

Why this worked: Pitch mentions the role, size of customers, and has a clear metric attached.

Here’s 10+ more examples of pitches similar to these.


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