January 10, 2021


1 minute

How I automated my job search to land 30+ interviews during the pandemic

Kareem Abukhadra

Author, Founder Relentless

TL;DR: I got myself ~30+ interviews doing this and it takes an hour to set up (once your resume/background is pitched right).

Step 1:

I use Crunchbase Pro’s company search feature to get a list of companies I’m interested in and their relevant contact emails. I use the filter feature to filter for US-based companies that fit the industry, company stage, etc. that I’m looking for.


Step 2:

I export the list from Crunchbase and input it into Hunter.io’s bulk email verification tool. This validates that all the emails are legitimate.


Step 3:

I then import the verified list into Hunter.io’s email campaign sender tool. This allows you to send semi-personalized emails to thousands of people at once.

Step 4:

I then write a cold email explaining who I am & link my background.


Step 5:

I then run the email campaign. One of my email campaigns had a 24% response rate and led to ~30 interviews.


Getting your story right, crafting a uniquely compelling resume, and knowing how to effectively follow up with hiring managers determines your results. It’s the difference between no replies and a 24% response rate.

- Kareem

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