January 1, 2021


1 minute

A CEO once called my email the best they've ever seen. Here's the email I sent them.

Kareem Abukhadra

Author, Founder Relentless

So why did this email work?

  1. It’s concise. People don’t have time to read through long emails.
  2. It’s clear. I communicate what I want and where my strengths are with extreme clarity.
  3. It’s compelling. I signal my competence using brand names like Columbia or YC and metrics like 2K+ users.

This is called the 3 C’s (Concise, Clear, Compelling), and almost every good email has them. This email, combined with the documents I attached, the follow up emails, and the cold email deliverability hacks I figured out after years of cold emailing, lead to a 24% response rate and 30+ interviews on an email campaign I launched.


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