January 14, 2021


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20 interviews a month with 0 job applications

Kareem Abukhadra

Author, Founder Relentless

A month ago, I met someone who gets up to 20 job interviews a month.

Best part? He isn’t applying to any jobs.

And no, he’s not using the 30+ interview hack that I mentioned in my LinkedIn post or any of the more advanced ones I typically reserve for clients.

Instead, recruiters are reaching out to him and pitching him to interview at their companies.

Imagine waking up every day and not having to go through the drudgery of tedious, repetitive, painful applications.

Imagine being able to open up your LinkedIn to a flood of messages from recruiters asking you if you’re open to an interview.

That’s the position he’s in.

So, how is he doing this?
  1. He optimized his LinkedIn profile for the role he was going for. His headline, summary, and experiences all focus on sharing skills specific to the role he is going for. Every line of his LinkedIn reads him as the best candidate for that role.
  2. He connected to 6000 recruiters who recruit for his role. This meant that any time they wanted to search for a candidate to fill a role, he would be at the top of their search results. If you’re doing this manually and purely through outbound messaging, it would take 200 hours to connect with 6000 recruiters (assuming the following assumptions: 6000 recruiters * 2 minutes per personalized connection / 60 minutes per hour). Time is money, so I’d encourage you to automate the process of reaching out to recruiters with personalized messages.
  3. He added value to his network by frequently commenting on their posts. This kept him warm and top of mind as a helpful person. This may not be necessary if you do step 1 and 2 well enough. It can also be automated.


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