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"43 Interviews at billion dollar companies and a $65K comp increase in 4 weeks" - Alice Farrell
Our members have landed interviews and offers across all industries at companies like
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Our members love us

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How it works


You apply. If you're accepted, we proceed to stage 2.


We learn about your professional goals and aspirations.


We revamp your resume, linkedIn, and online brand for you.


We get you interviews at any companies you pick using our proprietary tech-enabled process.

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How much does this cost?
That depends on what you're looking for.

Paid accelerator: Our accelerator has gotten candidates up to 50 interviews and comp increases over 80K in around 4 weeks. It has a premium price tag.
Free articles: Our articles have taught candidates how to get several interviews per month and sizable compensation bumps on their own. Our articles are completely free.
Does this work for everyone?
Not everyone. We have a stringent screening process and don't move forward with many applicants.

If we don't move forward with you, we'll still teach you a process you can use to outperform most job seekers (for free).
This seems too good to be true. How do you do this?
After spending years helping hundreds of job seekers land interviews at companies like Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and McKinsey, we built a tech-enabled process that generates interviews across every industry and role title.
What if I'm accepted and this doesn't work for me?
That means we made a mistake in the screening process. In this case, we take full responsibility and give you your money back.
Does this work for my industry or role?
Probably. We tested Relentless across 50+ industries, role titles, and seniority levels and it consistently outperformed the traditional job application process.
I have more questions. Who can I speak to?
Text or email us.

Text: +1-917-215-4509
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